March 2018
“an internal analysis of our existence that invites us to repair or heal our memories of pain by letting in the light.”

HEALING PROJECT Innovation in Regional Fashion to the World. Healing, a word that in English means healing, is the first international fashion collection / catwalk that seeks to innovate and change the paradigm of fashion and thus transform society. This concept was born out of the need to communicate and design something that invites us to deepen and reflect. Consumption, the superfluous, the selfie of the day and the lightness end up leaving a taste of "emptiness", a "collective emptiness", where immediacy is the order of the day and leaves little space to meditate on who we are. Healing proposes us to make an internal analysis about our existence and invites us to repair or heal our memories of pain by letting in the light and, in this way, reaching higher states of consciousness. To graph this concept, Led lights were used which were installed inside the garments, occupying examples and techniques taken from architectural buildings and urban spaces. The main objective of this innovation is to begin to develop the first “reflective catwalk” fashion collections and exhibit them on the most important catwalks in the world with the purpose of generating a change of consciousness in society. This collection was presented thanks to ProChile on March 20, 2018 in one of the most influential catwalks in the world, Vancouver Fashion Week.

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